Tits I have Loved.

Persian: there are not enough tasteful tits on my dash.
Persian: Tasteful Tits Tuesday is a Thing i started. So far it’s just me and Otter posting, though. :(
Mars: I’ve been enjoying the tasteful tits, I have to say.
Ivy: Is it bird appreciation day?
Mars: :)
anonbach: …yes
Mars: Every day is bird appreciation day?
Ivy: Well now I have to make the inevitable post

Cantaloupes look like antelopes that can't

  • teahigh: Also, why is 'ananas' = pineapple?
  • teahigh: Why not banana
  • teahigh: Hahahahaha
  • Moony: ananas is ananas in like... every fucking language
  • Moony: except english
  • teahigh: We had to be special
  • Moony: yep
  • pennypaperbrain: Damn good descriptive word tho.
  • pennypaperbrain: It does look like a cross between a pinecone and an apple.
  • teahigh: "Sir, this is called an 'ananas'!" "No. Fuck that. It looks like a pinecone and it tastes like some sort of apple. PINEAPPLE."
  • pennypaperbrain: That's the colonial way.
  • Letha: sounds legit!
  • teahigh: I studied my history lessons
  • teahigh: Also, "Honeydew"
  • teahigh: Tastes like honey and it's sort of dew-y
  • teahigh: Cantaloupes look like antelopes that can't

Things to Watch on a Bad Pirate

  • Ivy: have you guys seen Paranorman?
  • dee: nopes
  • persian: Nope
  • Mydwynter: Not yet. I'm sure we will, though.
  • Ivy: omg so good
  • Ivy: I laughed, I cried
  • anonbach: I want to see Rise of the Guardians, too.
  • airynothing: is Rise of the Guardians good?
  • airynothing: the books look pretty cheesy.
  • anonbach: I've only seen part of it on a bad pirate
  • anonbach: but it seems okay so far
  • Ivy: you saw it on a bad pirate?
  • Ivy: like, tattooed there?
  • Ivy: because that's the best thing I've ever heard
  • Mydwynter: BAD PIRATE
  • Ivy: did you have to keep giving him grog to keep him still long enough to read it?
  • Mydwynter: NO GROG FOR YOU
  • anonbach: He made a lousy projector, too
  • Ivy: I'd imagine so
  • anonbach: all wrinkly

Anonymous asked:

What is the innercircle? Sounds like a secret, members only club. Even if it isn't, it seems somewhat... intimidating.

#innercircle is an IRC chat.

When I started out in this fandom I had a few people on IM I could chat with, primarily my dear friend and beta trinaest, but we reached a point where we wanted to invite some folks we were getting to know into a place where we could all chat and hang out together. Thus we created an IRC channel for ourselves.

IRC is an old, pre-web technology, but it’s come back a bit largely because of web services like Mibbit that allow you to make a portal for people to enter into your IRC chat via a web link. That’s nice, I like it. It means when we run into someone online and we want to chat with them some more, we can just give them a link and suddenly there they are! In the digital flesh! In our living room! It’s handy.

The name of it is my fault. It’s a joke. And in poor taste, oops. “Inner Circle” is an old name for what people thought was an exclusive fandom clique. I decided we should create a non-exclusive, multi-fandom “clique” (meaning, a group of friends, really), link it publicly, invite interesting people we run into, and make sure anyone who wanted to could drop by and say hi. That was the idea: an ironic inner circle. I kind of considered that it might be seen as an actual inner circle at some point, but I figured what were the chances of that and threw caution to the wind like a dummy. Sorry about that.

It is essentially my fandom living room. It’s a bit intimidating to walk into the living room of someone you’ve never met, I suppose, so I can understand that feeling. It’s linked from my tumblr and my LJ, and I know a few others have done the same, so it’s hardly members-only OR a secret.  It’s just my living room. It’s where I hang out.

I’ve made lots of friends through it. People drop by, some stay, some don’t. I mean, you might drop in and discover that you don’t like us and the things we chose to talk about. Not everyone gets along on that level, it might not be for you. One person’s comfy living room is another person’s burning fires of hell. I know there are a few other IRC channels around fandom doing the same thing: just a gathering of like-minded souls, hanging out, being friends. I recommend it. Set up a channel, post a link, chat with your friends! It’s fun!

I’m happy to invite anyone to #innercircle to hang out with us! I love meeting new people! But keep in mind that it’s our living room, not a fandom beta-reading or entertainment service, if you know what I mean. People live there; that’s the only fitting metaphor. The denizens of the place are very friendly, and if you’d like to meet some folks and join a random conversation that might be about nothing at all, you’re welcome to drop by and say hi!

We are generally older people (though not entirely) because it’s my living room and I am an old woman. So be warned that the 30+ contingent makes up the majority. We complain about our joints and our jobs sometimes. And get excited about our new vacuum cleaners. (It’s a DYSON, how can I not be excited?) We talk about non-fandom things all the time. Like I said: it’s just a living room. But if you want to meet us, we want to meet you, too!

#innercircle: sounds intimidating, but generally isn’t. I don’t think. Well, we don’t mean it to be. Welcome to my living room!

The way we talk about voices

  • Ishmael: dark chocolate honey gravel
  • Ishmael: that's worse than jaguars in cellos
  • Ivy: jaguars aren't well known to make homes in cellos, generally.
  • Aria: *g*
  • Ivy: they tend to like a bit more space.
  • Ivy: I mean unless it's a very very tiny jaguar that got trapped inside a cello
  • Ivy: which is just sad
  • Ishmael: They make a special exception for Butterbeer Cummerbund
  • Ivy: Breakfasttoast Crumblesnacks!
  • Ishmael: Bulbasaur Charizard
  • Ivy: just imagine: the very tiny crying jaguar stuck in a cello.
  • Ivy: that's a crisis.
  • Aria: Poor tiny jaguar.
  • Ivy: I know! It needs a rescue! And a cuddle.

the "how long is ivy's fic going to be" pool

  • Ivy: the only problem I have now
  • Ivy: is that I would like to tell a little story
  • thisprettywren: lol
  • Ivy: but that ending means you have to tell a big one
  • thisprettywren: ivy
  • thisprettywren: 75k?
  • Ivy: by little I mean
  • Ivy: without major death events
  • Ivy: not little as in short
  • thisprettywren: i'm taking even odds on 75k words
  • thisprettywren: for those who want to enter the "how long is ivy's fic going to be" pool

Cheese in a Box

  • Moony: I'm just finding the way he bashes himself in the forehead awkward.
  • Ivy: LOL just a touch
  • Ivy: well I guess he's been a bit busy
  • Ivy: cumberbatch would have nailed it
  • Moony: Yep, since it doesn't involve cutting tomatoes or drawing cheese.
  • THESARDINE: drawing cheese...I believe I may have missed something.
  • Moony: Oh, some fan asked him what his favourite cheese was, and then asked him to draw it.
  • Moony: And he couldn't, and he got all sort of apologetically defensive.
  • Ivy: and he said it's...
  • Ivy: lol
  • Ivy: hard to draw cheese LOL
  • Moony: Cause, yeah, it's apparently very hard to draw cheese
  • Ivy: did he try?
  • Ivy: I wonder if he tried
  • Moony: I wonder.
  • Ivy: because that would be awesome, someone needs to scan that
  • Ivy: or if he just knew from past experience that cheese is hard to draw.
  • Moony: Maybe he'd tried in private. Although, what possible motivation he would have had...
  • Ivy: it's a win in either case, really
  • Ivy: what sort of cheese would be hard to draw?! Now I want to know what his favourite cheese is.
  • Moony: Anything other than swiss, I think
  • Moony: Because how do you identify it as cheese otherwise?
  • Moony: it's just going to look like a block or a wedge or something
  • THESARDINE: that's really bizarre. Why would they ask him to draw his favorite cheese? I mean, bizarre in a fabulous way, of course.
  • Moony: I'm reminded of Le Petit Prince.
  • Moony: "S'il te plait, dessine-moi un mouton."
  • Moony: I think if I were ever to meet him and ask him to draw me something, it would be a sheep.
  • Moony: And I'd be way too excited if he got the reference
  • Moony: And drew me a box instead
  • Ivy: yes
  • Ivy: agreed
  • Ivy: that's what he needs to do
  • Ivy: he needs to draw his cheese in a box
  • Moony: XD
  • Moony: This conversation is spectacular.
  • Ivy: it actually is
  • Ivy: I'm tempted to tumblrize it
  • Moony: Eventually the #moonblossom tag will be filled with ridiculous IRC chats.
  • Moony: I am so proud
  • Ivy: I'M DOING IT

The Progress of John H. Watson

  • Ivy: before, I wanted to hide because of cumberbatch being uncomfortable
  • Ivy: now I want to write the filthiest porn I can
  • Ivy: because of Freeman
  • Aria: Filthy Freeman porn.
  • bendingsignpost: The amount of time Cumberbatch spends with Freeman, how uncomfortable can he get?
  • prettyarbitrary: YES IVY
  • mazarin221b: YES, IVY
  • Ivy: but I should face it…if I'm writing it
  • Ivy: it will be an angst epic
  • Ivy: angst and then more angst
  • Ivy: and then some angst for a change
  • bendingsignpost: then angst porn.
  • prettyarbitrary: Oh good, you don't want to get too repetitive.
  • mazarin221b: Eh, Ivy, I think some angst would be better.
  • bendingsignpost: with some angst on the side
  • Ivy: yeah
  • Ivy: and a bit of angst thrown in, just in case
  • prettyarbitrary: This sounds too complicated. I just want angst.

Stupid Things to Do

  • Ivy: just FYI
  • Ivy: lol
  • Ivy: I did something that's probably really stupid
  • lindentreeisle: +started a land war in asia?
  • Ivy: LOL
  • thisprettywren: good grief, ivy, AGAIN?
  • Ivy: LOL
  • Ivy: there's MONTHS before winter
  • thisprettywren: how cold could it possibly get?
  • Ivy: we can take st. petersburg before it snows!
  • thisprettywren: well, i mean, it's not like anyone's ever tried before
  • thisprettywren: this is foolproof
  • lindentreeisle: GENIUS.