Dads: A Study in Not Listening

  • Dad: This iPod you bought me doesn't work very well. Can you fix it? Pictures clog it up and won't send.
  • Me: Dad, your connection is insanely slow. My 3G is faster than your connection.
  • Dad: There's something wrong with this iPod.
  • Me: It works fine at my sister's house and at the library, doesn't it? Call your ISP. It's your connection.
  • Dad: I think it's the iPod.
  • Me: Seriously, dad. It's your connection. It's barely dial up. Call your ISP.
  • Dad: Maybe it's the wifi router you bought me.
  • Me: It's not the router, dad. It's the connection. Call your ISP.
  • Dad: I'll wait until routers are on sale. I want one for under 30 bucks.
  • Me: It's not the router. It's the connection. Call your ISP. PLEASE call your ISP.
  • Dad: I'm fine with the connection! It's fine for what I need! It's probably the router.
  • Me: Dad, the router is either on or off, if it were busted it wouldn't work at all.
  • Dad: Pretty sure it's the router.
  • Me: Fine! Replace the router! See how that goes!
  • Dad: The ISP people just left! It turns out there was a problem with the line! He said I barely had dial up!
  • Me: *weeps*
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  6. iamme-whatcanisay said: XD OMG! Poor you. lol!
  7. passeriform said: I so completely understand your pain. I’m doing tech for my parents 85 (just switched from Windows to Apple last year) & 77 (got an Apple 5 yrs back to spite my father)& a 91 yr old woman who’s never used a keyboard. Computers are NOT intuitive.
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  9. persian-slipper said: Oooh, a subset of the mansplain: the dadsplain.
  10. notluvulongtime said: The relationship with my parents throughout life is like a bell-shaped curve. I try very hard to imagine what it was like for them to reason with me as a child (lots of repetition) and for just a moment, I find some peace!
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  12. thavron said: Maybe its a dad thing, mine is the same. He does this thing where he ignores you and then 20 minutes later repeats what you said as if its his idea…
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