The suburban shores of Lake Ontario. 10 March, 2013.

I went for a walk this afternoon, since it was 11 degrees, and you can’t really stay inside when it’s that warm after it’s been such a cold winter.

It’s a very ugly time of year. Normally I wouldn’t take pictures of this transitional time. I don’t think it serves my neighbourhood particularly well. The snow is receding and leaving nothing but dormant and dead stuff. But I thought it would be a useful exercise to find beauty in things I usually don’t. So I took a walk down to the lake and snapped a few pictures there.

At this particular point along the shore is the site of a former sewer pipe factory. There’s nothing left of the facility itself, but the remains of the terracotta pipes they made here were broken and laid over the beach to protect it. That’s why all the rocks by the water are mostly orange.

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