I just rarely hear anyone admitting that the actual sensation of p-in-the-v can be kind of meh. And since only 25% of women consistently orgasm during vaginal intercourse, I have to believe I’m not the only one who feels that way. Nobody else imagined something way awesomer before they had sex for the first time?

This post, and all of it’s comments, is really interesting. I tried to have this exact conversation with a couple of friends a few weeks ago and it went very much pear-shaped very, very fast. Given the 25% stat, it’s really interesting how difficult a conversation this is, and exactly how challenging it is to accept. The whole penis-in-vag thing (OMG AMAZING ALWAYS) seems to be a bloody cultural lynchpin. 

I started a conversation simply saying I felt that we needed a better metaphor, as a culture, than the penetrated female body and the penetrative male body as the hallmark of what we mean when we talk about sex. I think it is restrictive and not very creative. I think it locks too many people into a very scripted experience that doesn’t necessarily bear much resemblance to what they personally find pleasurable or satisfying. I have known a number of men who don’t find this particular act the most pleasurable, let alone all the women I’ve met who don’t. So why do we keep it as the cornerstone of human sexuality? (If you say “biology” I will give you serious side-eye.) I think it’s a useful and important conversation, but boy. Those comments degenerate pretty damn quickly.

Still. Interesting. I’m hoping that by having these conversations I will eventually learn the language required to have this conversation in a successful manner. Not there yet. Not even close.

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    Interesting point. The actual sensation isn’t really the point, though is it? It’s the closeness.
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  6. serissime said: I have actually defaulted to “I don’t like penetrative sex” if I don’t want to embark on a long journey of difficult explaining and frustrating experimentation. Being gay is helpful here but it’s really nice to read something like this…
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    Now with more statistics and commentary!
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    Hee hee. The post was hilarious. Go girl! I didn’t read the comments, so I dunno about that. I do think that actual sex...
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    Sexuality is still framed as mostly for reproduction which is rather hetero-normative and ignores the reality of...
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    I really, really like the comments on this article, and have been trying to articulate (without too, too much tmi) my...
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    Not everyone has penetrative sex or even has a penis involved in the bedroom. I think it’s fucked up that a lot of...
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