I am working on a story. This one isn’t a fanfiction story, well, not in the traditional sense, and it’s a challenge for me plot-wise, because it’s not strictly a linear narrative, and the scope of it it covers about 50 years (with a few large gaps where not much happens, stuff I don’t want to have to bring into it at all). I was struggling to keep it all straight, and to work out how to intelligently bring the interesting bits of the story-past into the story-present in a coherent way, in what order to do so so that it doesn’t get impossibly confusing, and how to make that all swing together as a story.

So I started to think that I needed to lay out everything that happens on a timeline. Then I could look at the timeline and work out how to actually tell the story, with the past and present braided together. (I’m planning to actually write it in the spring/summer.) Then last night the fantastic Mydwynter made my dreams come true by pointing me to Aeon Timeline.

This is a new level of planning for me. I’ve never gone quite this far before, but if you knew what craziness I was embarking you might agree with me that it’s entirely necessary.

The screenshots above are some angles on the timeline I’ve been picking at all day. Look at that thing! Look at it! It’s madness! I don’t think it will make any sense to anyone but me! Which is fine! It’s about Moses and Miriam! It’s kind of a giant mess!

I’m so in love.

I can pin all the events on it, even the ones I’m not going to write about (there are a lot of those), and it even tells me how old everyone is when they happen. HANDY. VERY HANDY.

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    WHAT THIS IS INCREDIBLE! *Inspiration to write* Outlines are magical.
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    Okay, if it works with Scrivener, then work with Scrivener type peoples to make Windows version,please. (I have Windows...
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    Oh my god…
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