Art: the final refuge of the book in a digital and post-digital world.

That sounds depressing, doesn’t it. But it’s not! Books are only a medium. The content will continue to grow and flower, regardless of the delivery mechanism. We love books for their content primarily, don’t we? They give us stories. We don’t have romantic fantasies about tax manuals and the phone book, do we? Books are wonderful because their wonderful, transporting content, right? So it doesn’t matter if they decline.

When I look at a server farm, I see the library stacks. Because that’s what they have in common: they’re both information storage and retrieval systems. But a server farm will give you so many more stories than a library can. Real estate is expective, and books are big and heavy. Do you want to privilege a medium, or do you want more and better content?

Books will still be around to enjoy in the future. And they’ll be beautiful. We just won’t use them as our primary information storage system anymore. And that’s okay.

We can handle it, guys. We can do this.