cuteenoughtoshootyoudown replied to your post: I find it odd that Sherlock got slashier for me last night, but the slash died for many others.

Dude, I thought you barely needed slash goggles to see it.

ME TOO. But people are all WAIL about it and I’m thoroughly confused. I have to really, really squint to see it as anything other a story that is at least as slashy as half the fics in fandom.

"Gayest show on television" indeed.

They said they’d keep it ambiguous and I feel that they have. Irene only highlighted that ambiguity by making John jealous, and they had Irene spell out for him exactly why his “I’m not gay” story doesn’t even work as an excuse for why the slash can’t be constant subtext. No matter what happens now, with either of them, it’s kind of canon that they could potentially hook up at any moment, in defiance of existing sexual orientation.

Poor John. He couldn’t deny it.

I love it! LOVE IT.

Ep 3 is going to HURT.

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