I find it odd that Sherlock got slashier for me last night, but the slash died for many others.

Possibly just my industrial strength slash goggles? The relationship only got more ambiguous to me, I didn’t see anything resolved last night. I think John just got ambiguous on the subject, not just Sherlock anymore.

But that’s how it reads in my head. My head is known to slash as it will, regardless of the odds.

It’s fun in my head. It really is.

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    [c&p’ing since all the text didn’t come through - still figuring out Tumblr.] [moonblossom] I’m not even a particularly...
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    All of these people who put words together better than I do know my feelings
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    I’m not even a particularly slashy person most of the time, John/Sherlock is really the first non-canon/not-yet-canon...
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    Yeah, I’m bewildered by anyone who says that the ship has sunk or something. The entire episode was about Irene Adler,...
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